Our gourmet caramels melt in your mouth in a deliciously satisfying way. Made in small batches with the finest ingredients, our caramels contain real cream, butter, and vanilla, and are available in apple caramel and vanilla sea salt.

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Reviewer: Shelli M from Pennsylvania
Wow awesome!
I just tried your vanilla sea salt caramels - WOW - awesome. How can I buy some of them? This was one that someone had left from an order from current catalog. I would like to buy my OWN! Thanks Posted:
Reviewer: Shelli Meyer from PA
WOW - Awesome caramels!
Ordered these from Current Catalog, as it was marketed with "The Christmas Story" theme. But the real treat was how great the caramel was! Where can one buy on a normal basis ??? Posted:
Reviewer: Jacqueline M.
I just tried the vanilla sea salt carmel's and love them. Posted: