Gourmet Lollipops

Gourmet LollipopsMcJak has been producing delicious gourmet lollipops for over 30 years. We are one of the few producers who still make our lollipops right here in the U.S.A. What makes a lollipop “gourmet?” The cheapest method for making lollipops is high speed die-stamping, in which the candy is pulled in a rope and stamped into the lollipop shape. This method compromises flavor and leaves a rougher texture. Gourmet lollipops, on the other hand, are gravity deposited, producing a lollipop that is smooth, clear, and full of flavor! It is a more costly way to make them, but consumers notice the difference. McJak’s lollipops are over one ounce in size, last about an hour, and come in 12 flavors.

Wholesale Lollipops

Wholesale lollipop tree
Lollipops - bulk
Lollipop Tree

Our lollipops are sold to through distributors and to retail stores, who in turn usually sell them at the front register area or countertop in a wood display tree, prefilled clip strips, or baskets. Our caffeinated Javapops are popular in venues such as coffee shops. We have discounts available for distributors and high volume retail accounts.


Item Item # Ounces/Unit Case Count Price/Case
Lollipops - bulk LR120 1.1 120 $40.80
Display Tree TREE   1 $10.00
Freight: Add 15% East of the Mississippi and 25% West of the Mississippi.

Lollipop Testimonials

Here are some sample testimonials from actual e-mails we have received:

I just tasted you lollipops for the 1st time yesterday and they are the best! How can I purchase some?
- Barry C.

I just tried your root beer flavored lollipop at an event & it was amazing!!! Where can I buy them?
- Channie L.